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Welcome to The Law Office of Richard A. Lewis

The Law Office of Richard A. Lewis is at your service.  We focus on Trusts and Wills.  Our years of experience have led us to two conclusions in this area.  Typically, people think that once they pay the $2,000 to $20,000, the trust work is finished. Nothing could be further from the truth.  The key is to know how to evaluate and update your trust economically.  Furthermore, people think a trust is too expensive.  Again, typically, people are averse to spending substantial funds on a document they are never going to use.  Especially if they are under 60 years of age.  We have created a program that allows people to pay a very reasonable amount to get the trust created and funded.  Our monthly payment plan has made it easy for everyone who needs a trust to have a trust. And that is anyone who has children, any assets, money, real estate or a special charity.  


We look forward to meeting with you.  Our Trust inquiry consultations include a free 30 minute evaluation of your needs.  We will make specific recommendations and give you our estimate in writing.  You will not experience a suprise in your billing.  Our estimates identify our scope of work and the amount of money it will take you to obtain the Trust (and the attendent Will) you need.  Our estimate puts the lid on our bill.  We cannot exceed the estimate by more than 10%.

What Sets Us Apart

Call us today and make an appointment. If necessary, we will meet with you after hours or on weekends. Not only do we work very hard to earn your business, we work very hard to build our relationship with you beyond our representation.  Our goal is to earn your business, trust and respect. We do everything legally possible in our power to protect your family, loved ones, assets, interests, and even your hopes and dreams. We keep in contact with you long after we deliver your Estate Plan. We are committed to staying ahead of the legislative wave that frustrates most Settlors (people who make trusts). Our clients are frustration free. Preparation and vision separate us from the others. Many lawyers will create a trust for you, collect your money and then forget your name. At The Law Office of Richard A. Lewis, we want to stay in touch and build such a strong relationship with you so that when you are in a positition to recommend a law firm, you won't hesitate, because you will know who to recommend. You know that we will take care of the people you send to us, because we have taken care of you. We have not achieved our goal until you trust us and respect us enough to recommend us to your loved ones, friends and associates. 


The five primary documents included in all sophisticated estate plans are 1) The Revocable Living Trust, 2) The Pour-over Will, 3) The Durable Power of Attorney, 4) The Advanced Healthcare Directive, and 5) The HIPAA authorization.  Every plan we prepare has these documents as a bedrock.  


The internet has allowed people to believe that they are capable of creating an estate plan on-line.  Many websites offer the ability to create a will and some even offer a trust.  But think of it this way: Would you incur the liabiliity of creating your closest friend's estate plan on-line? Of course you wouldn't!  You would feel sick if you made a mistake that cost your friend's kids or their spouse their life savings.  So why in the world would you do the same thing to your own family? Why would you expose your own family to the dangers and viscisitudes of the courtroom based upon an on-line cookie-cutter document? Those people who create their own on-line Trust or Will saddle their families with the potential for catastrophic liability for any mistakes. You owe no higher obligation than the one you owe to your family.  If that is not enough, read the fine print on all of those websites.  That should scare you to death!  Creating an estate plan on-line is literally gambling your family's future on your untested legal experience.  Usually the developers indicate that the site is for educational purposes only and that if you want a real Trust or Will or Estate Plan, you should see an attorney.  And then they give you the number of their attorney. With us, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of correctly the first time.